Is it Robert Twigs soon?

OH OH - Robert Pattinson wants to put a ring on it!

Seems as things between the sparkly ex vampire, Robert Pattinson and his beloved FKA twigs are getting quite serious. According to his friends, Robs basically head over heals with his Video Girl and even wants to ‘put a ring on it’. He definitley seems to like ‘it’ as it’s also been said, that he’s never loved someone like this before! Sounds kinda promising!

Poor K-Stew though! But hey, EVERYONE knows that, what goes around comes around and betraying your boyfriend will definitely not give you any karma points. So, just to be fair, congrats to the adorable FKA patts. You earned it guys!

“>>> Watch FKA twigs new video – PENDULUM ":

Thursday, 15. January 2015