MTV presents you the brand new video of FKA twigs

FKA twigs already achieved actually every goal an artist could have, in her (still) young career. As a ‘newcomer’, the british gal became the favourite artist of actual any music critic, as well as the press, in actual no time. Surely everyone wanted to have this exceptional beau, on their inteview couch or on any of their magazine covers.

SInce all this talk about her and the ex vampire Robert Pattinson started, people and above all, the press sadly somehow forgot what Miss twigs is actually all about… things like being nominated for the important Mercury Prize, only with her debut album ‘LP 1’, for instance!

FKA twigs is not only known for her extravagant sound and voice, but also and especially for her innovative and experimental ways in mixing trip hop, R & B and electronic music in mostly only one song.

Her second single release ‘Pendulum’ combines all that! And although ‘Pendulum’ was already released at the end of July in the UK, the apposite music video only premieres now and actually TODAY – lucky us!

So enjoy this hell of an artwork video – It’s FKA twigs ‘Pendulum’ only on MTV!

Wednesday, 14. January 2015