1D wins Silver Medal in Twitter Games

Louis Tomlinson's Harry Love Tweet Is More Popular Than Obama

Larry Stylinson – OHHH ‘they’ will surely forever live in the hearts of any One Direction fan. No matter, if Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles are in a actual secret relationship or not (we hope not).

A fact, and not only a rumor, is that a four-year-old tweet from Louis, declaring his (who knows what kinda) love for his bandmate Harry, is now THE second-most-popular tweet in Twitter history. OMG!

The undisputed winner in the Twitter game, is and will probably still be (for a very long time), Ellen DeGeneres Oscar Selfie, with three million retweets. Respect!

Just for the record! The ‘Larry-Love’ tweet from 2011 had somewhat 757,822 retweets at that time. Compared to 757,460 for Barack Obama’s “four more years” re-election tweet from 2012, the US Presi kinda lost this battle. What a bummer, Barack. 1D win!

As if you’d ever forget:

Wednesday, 14. January 2015