Selena Gomez + Zedd = Zeddlena <3

Is it Love?

Spotted XoXo!!!

Has Selena Gomez FINALLY moved on from Justin Bieber ??? It’s not definite yet, but she totally was seen, cozying up and even holding hands with Zedd, who btw happens to be one of the hottest producers in the electronic music biz. We do know, that Selena want’s her new Album to have a touch of Ariana Grande's beats, so of course she teamed up with Zedd, who already featured Grande’s mega hit ‘Break Free’.

It wouldn’t be the first time, that colleagues became lovers! If the rumors turn out to be true – WELL DONE Selena and condolences to Justin. The heart wants, what it wants…

Check out ‘Zeddlena’!

Tuesday, 13. January 2015