The Drake Mansion

Drake basically lives in house-heaven

Its a fact: Our favourtie 'champagnepapi' aka Drake has the best Crib eva!

The ‘Started from the bottom’ MC was so kind to recently give us a small glimpse of how he actually lives. Since then, it’s a proven fact- he does live like a king in his Los Angeles mansion and is definitely ‘HERE’!

There is a luxurious bed, a regulation size basketball hoop and basketball in his bedroom, along with loads and loads of other stuff, every BBaller would dream of: white cement Jordan’s and no kidding a Supreme rug and a Supreme duffel bag.

The best thing about Drake’s Instagram post isn’t even the pic itself. It’s actually the caption saying:

“Oh grow the f–k up would you? – Nobody ever!”

God one Drake! Cause one is only as old as one feels!

Friday, 09. January 2015