Did Kylie Jenner's Boobs grow over night?!

...or what happened here?

Kylie Jenner must be some kind of growth or transformation phenomenon. Or how else does she manage to look different and better or lets say, bigger regarding some body parts, all the time?!

Her latest respond to all those plastic surgery rumors was, that she does get older too, her face will change within time and that she after all, is still in a ‘growing phase’. In addition to that she claimed, that plastic surgery surely isn’t the reason for her (new) pout. She now just knows how to work her make-up right.


Can she also make-up her cleavage bigger? Or what happened to her breasts on her latest Instagram post? Be it the result of a push-up bra or an overnight growth spurt… one thing is for sure, Kylie’s posts do have the tendency to show more and more and more…

Overnight wonders do happen! Lets keep hoping (or not)!

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Thursday, 08. January 2015