Lucy Hale: My house is haunted

Lucy Hale had an "awesome" Christmas because she discovered there are ghosts in her parents' home.

Lucy Hale had a “vibe” her mom’s house is haunted.

The Pretty Little Liars star lives in Los Angeles but visits her hometown of Tennessee as often as she can. She spent Christmas with her family there but made a spooky discovery among all the festivities.

Shortly before the 25-year-old was due to travel back, her stepsister sent her a photo of a man’s shadow with what appeared to be the outline of a small dog.

“Christmas was awesome. I found out my parents’ house is haunted!” she exclaimed to talk show host Seth Meyers.

“My stepdad and my mom and stepsister live in this house. [My stepsister] was like, ‘You guys, I didn’t want to send you this photo, but I think you should know: mom and dad’s house is really haunted!’ I was like, ’You’re crazy!’ but I sort of had a feeling; I had a vibe.

“She turned around [and saw the shadow] and thought it was my stepdad, and it wasn’t!”

Unfortunately Seth wasn’t convinced and suggested Lucy’s family might be trying to prank her.

“You think they’re messing with me? Go with it though! It’s such a better story!” she laughed.

Since the beginning of her time on show Pretty Little Liars, Lucy and her castmates Troian Bellisario, Shay Mitchell, Ashley Benson and Sasha Pieterse have been trying to suss out who the mysterious ‘A’ is who wreaks havoc in their town of Rosewood. While the series bigwigs are clued-in, the girls are kept in the dark.

“Some of them hang out with the producers and if they drink a little much they’ll reveal it…” Lucy joked.

“I’ve tried listening in doors, bribing the executive producers and writers… but they know I would sit here and it would accidentally come out…”

The star, who recently turned her hand to country music, was nominated in two categories for last night’s People’s Choice Awards – Favorite Cable TV Actress and Favorite Country Female Artist. She may have lost out on the accolades to Angie Harmon and Carrie Underwood, but Pretty Little Liars did take home the Favorite Cable TV Drama award.

“Thanks to everyone who voted for the @peopleschoice ! It meant so much to me. Night guyyyssss! (sic),” Lucy wrote on Twitter.
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Thursday, 08. January 2015