Is Harry Styles a Minion?

    ...cause he's Bananas!

    We basically already discussed everything when it comes to Harry Styles! His list of (ex)girlfriends and ALL of his last years hairy styles… but what’s up with him continuously eating bananas?!

    It’s not that big of a deal, as we do love him for being bananas himself. But seriously Harry, why are you chewing those fellas down like if there’s no tomorrow?!

    Basically… when you see Harry, you see bananas. No matter the occasion!

    This mystery seriously needs to be solved!
    So maybe he just wants to keep himself healthy… eating more fruits and stuff!
    Or he’s a Minion on an undercover mission?
    What’s your guess? We need to know!

    Minion or not. In the end it doesn’t matter…
    What does matter though, he even looks good whilst he’s eating…

    Check out our gallery of faves and GIF me a Banana!

    Wednesday, 07. January 2015