Selena Gomez: I stay true to me

Selena Gomez is still going through "confusion" in her life.

Selena Gomez finds it hard to stay true to her own instincts.

The 22-year-old star had a jam-packed 2014, starring in film Rudderless and dropping her emotional new single The Heart Wants What It Wants from the album For You. She’s managed to remain modest amid the attention surrounding her career, but it’s been a struggle to remain the person she was before finding fame.

“The hardest part [of having success at a young age] is knowing what you want and being true to your own instincts. You’re listening to a lot of people telling you how you should behave, what you should wear, how sexy you should look. I started losing sight of the kind of person I wanted to be. Once I had a clearer idea of who I was, it made everything else a lot simpler,” she told US OK! magazine.

“I’m still young and going through the confusion women my age are feeling. Sometimes your mistakes are going to teach you more about life. I have to tell myself I can’t be perfect and that I should enjoy all the good things that are happening.”

Selena’s love life has also been under scrutiny after she appeared to reconcile with ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber last year before going their separate ways again. However, the brunette beauty isn’t one to let things hold her back and is looking forward to embracing what the future holds.

“I’ve learned a lot about myself and how I want to move forward with my life,” she smiled. “I also took some time off [in 2014] to focus on the things that make me happy and the friends I need to help me stay grounded.”
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Wednesday, 07. January 2015