Justin Bieber goes Calvin Klein

It's Official: Justin Bieber Is Actually Modeling For Calvin Klein

After months of speculating whether we should ‘beliebe’ that Justin Bieber's not only showing off his (new) bod and Calvin boxers just for fun.. it’s FINALLY official. Our favourite Canadian boi is the new face (body) of the Calvin Klein campaign.

Now it somewhat makes sense, why Bieber kind of relentlessly took any chance to show off his abs and unconditional love for his favourite briefs in the past few months. A small strip here, getting nekkid there and actually walking around topless each and errday. Well, we can’t say we didn’t enjoy that…

Calvin Klein immediately released a snippet of a Video on Twitter, whilst Justin is trying to break the Internet with his Calvin Klein Ad pictures! Looooking good!

At last, every girls dreams were fulfilled! The only thing we can still hope for is a remake of THIS classic one with Marky Mark & Kate Moss… maybe together with Hailey Baldwin (WHOOPS)!

Wednesday, 07. January 2015