Azealia 'obsessed' with religion

Azealia Banks has shared her tips on how to keep bad spirits away.

Azealia Banks is “absolutely obsessed” with world religions and magical systems.

The 23-year-old singer is known for her outlandish remarks on Twitter, which got her into a feud with fellow rapper Iggy Azalea last year. And earlier today she didn’t disappoint fans when she began a rant about her views on faith, throwing questions out to fellow users.

“You can’t learn any form of magic online kids. You have to join a coven or a house of some sort and learn hands on

“Christianity has witchcraft in it too. what do you think the priest is doing when he is “blessing” the wine and the bread?" she quizzed.

“He has to INVOKE the Holy Spirit and pass it over the wine and bread to make it holy……. A priest is also a witch.

“Catholicism … Excuse me.

“Jesus CURSED the fig tree after he saw there was no fruit on it for him to eat, It withered & died the next day…. Jesus was also a witch.

“I’m obsessed with world religions and magical systems. Like absolutely obsessed. I could burn candles and talk all day about it (sic)”

She then asked her followers whether any of them had been brave enough to use a Ouija board. When user @AnnaChiiex advised her against it, insisting it’s “very dangerous and bad spirits can connect”, Azealia shared her knowledge on how to keep trouble at bay.

“the way to keep them from bothering u during ur work is to put a glass of water with a camphor in it and a candle by the door,” she recommended.

“bad spirits are attracted to the camphor, then they get trapped in the water, because spirits can’t pass water.

“then when ur done… Spill the water at the curb outside your house. Not in your sink or toilet.(sic)”

Azealia is back in the limelight after dropping her debut album Broke with Expensive Taste last year. It was originally slated for a September 2012 release but after her record label delayed it, the star took things into her own hands and spontaneously made it available on iTunes in November.
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Tuesday, 06. January 2015