Miley and the Terminator

She'll be back!

Holiday season is family season. Everyone gathers and gets cozy together!

Miley Cyrus and her boy Patrick Schwarzenegger have already gotten kinda cozy the last few weeks. So it’s totes the time for some family business. In this particular case it means meeting up with the Dad of the Dad’s, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

As USweekly reported they met up for a little eat & greet over Lunch. Patrick brought some of his pals along, just to take some pressure out of there. Overall it must have been a real good one as the Terminator himself quickly approved his sons new girlfriend. Sources even report that Daddy is being really happy for his son and actually was totally thrilled about being introduced to Miley so quickly. CUTE!

Patrick actually brought his whole bunch of USC student friends along the whole trip to Ketchum, Idaho. USweekly also reported, that Patrick’s friends totally enjoyed having Miley around them too as she added a little spice to the usual vacation.

Looks and sounds like the whole bunch had a great time together!

Monday, 05. January 2015