Ariana Grande & Big Sean splittsville?

Rumours say the couple broke up...

The ’Break Free" Singer and her rapper boyfriend were definitely one of THE most lovable and envied couples of 2014. And then (BOOM) the latest news just hit us like a wrecking ball.

Rumours say that Ariana Grande and Big Sean recently ended their relationship?! It was said that the 21-year-old singer caught her boyfriend sexting with other women and then ended their relationship according to that.

Are these the first *BREAK*ing news of 2015?!

Shortly a spokesman dismissed all claims on Ariana’s behalf. That she had not dumped the rapper and that the rumours are absolutely not true!

Now Ariana herself pops up – sharing loved-up snaps from their festive ski trip to Lake Tahoe on Instagram.

She even tagged an image of herself planting a smacker on the rappers cheek “#happy”, to make her point as clearly as possible.

Seems as it’s more a Make Up than a Break Up situation – SIGH!

Monday, 05. January 2015