Bono: I might never play guitar again

Bono has shared the potentially life-changing consequences of his bike accident in November.

Bono may never be able to play guitar again following his bike accident last year.

The U2 frontman suffered a hard spill in New York City’s Central Park in November, after which he was rushed to Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center. At the time Dr. Dean Lorich explained that Bono needed reconstructive surgery on his shoulder, face and arm after suffering injuries including three fractures to his left shoulder blade.

And now the musician has spoken out about the incident in a post on the band’s official website, sharing the potentially disastrous consequences.

“I broke my hand, my shoulder, my elbow and my face but the real injury this year was to my Irish pride as it was discovered that under my tracksuit I was wearing yellow and black Lycra cycling shorts. Yes, LYCRA. This is not very rock ‘n’ roll,” he wrote, beginning light heartedly.

“Recovery has been more difficult than I thought… As I write this, it is not clear that I will ever play guitar again. The band have reminded me that neither they nor Western civilisation are depending on this.”

Bono is devastated by the thought of never strumming his instrument again. However all is not completely lost yet, as he’s determined to continue his passion.

“I personally would very much miss fingering the frets of my green Irish falcon or my (RED) Gretsch. Just for the pleasure, aside from writing tunes. But then does the Edge, or Jimmy Page, or any guitarist you know have a titanium elbow, as I do now? I’m all elbows, I am,” he added.

The post is titled ‘LITTLE BOOK OF A BIG YEAR: Bono’s A to Z of 2014’ and the star goes through the alphabet listing memorable moments of the last 12 months.

Not all of it was negative though, as he took the letter O to recall U2’s appearance at the 2014 Oscars, where Benedict Cumberbatch photobombed them on the red carpet.

“We came. We lost. We had one hell of a night out.

“We got to meet one of our all-time idols though.

Well sort of…” he recalled alongside a photo of the humorous moment.
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Friday, 02. January 2015