New Year’s Hangover Guide

    If you’ve partied hard into the New Year, you’ll know what we’re talking about.

    The party was full-on? You really let it rip? Then you’re bound to feel abysmal today. Even if you made a resolution after last year’s party to take it a little easier this time around, you raged about liked there was no tomorrow and now you can feel that nasty hangover in every single bone.

    You’ll have to deal with it now. We can’t say goodbye to the year without a proper party. After all, it was an eventful 2014. Kim Kardashian attempted to break the internet, Solange kicked Jay Z in the lift, Taylor Swift declared war on Spotify and Azealia Banks finally released her album. But back to your hangover – here are` the 10 steps you’ll need to fight through today. We feel for you! We know what we’re talking about, MTV also partied into the New Year.

    Thursday, 01. January 2015