2015's Calendar Boy: Mr. James Franco

This one goes out to the Ladies, cause Happy New Years Gals

2014 – what a year and what a bummer cause it’s nearly over!

But don’t worry guys, or in this specific case, don’t worry girls cause we’ve got a small little something for you, that will totally enlighten your lookout for 2015.

And who else could give the most enlightening LOOKout for the upcoming year, then James Franco himself?! Mr. Handsome, or should i rather refer to Mr. Selfie, has been arty again. Paper Mag and James teamed up for this last years piece of artwork and will present you their very own interpretation of a Calender.

As it’s James Franco we’re talking about, this of course can’t just be a normal Calendar. It’s a ‘Selfie Calendar`, which basically sums up the best of Franco’s Selfie Collection, he always shared so caringly with us on his Instagram Profile. So take a look, click a click and hang the Franco on them walls!

>>> Download HERE

Thank you James and a Happy 2015 to y’all!

Wednesday, 31. December 2014