Azealia Banks: I want a new ruling power

Azealia Banks wants to round up a group of “Black Trust members” who would administer money to black families in the US.

Azealia Banks thinks black Americans need their “own little exclusive autonomous plutocracy”.

The 23-year-old rapper is not afraid to be vocal on Twitter when it comes to the things she believes in.

Recently she took to the social networking site to share her views on slavery, raising the point that black members of US society should receive money for what their ancestors went through. Now she has expanded on this, claiming a reshuffle of the system is necessary.

“I don’t think reparations should be paid out to every individual black family, because the

money would be spent so unwisely…..” she elaborated.

“I think that, after we somehow get HR-40 [a bill asking for reparations] approved (which we CAN if enough young people know about it)… There should be an elected group

“Of like “Black Trust” members who can handle the money and administer the monies as necessary.

“We Black American People need to have our own little exclusive autonomous plutocracy within the U.S.

“We deserve to have control of our own fates. (sic)”

In a Twitter rant on Saturday, the star claimed America “owes” black people and that a reparations pay out would lead to access to better education.

Her posts today took things even further, with the musician wanting to claim pieces of land.

“After I put a hex on the gov’t & get reparations, do you think Canada will let us buy a piece of land so we can be lil’ black Luxembourg ?” she queried

“Can we get a piece of Quebec ?

“Can we also have the little Black Vatican but instead of Jesus have Yemaya and Chango et al…? (sic)”

Azealia has become synonymous with her strong views, recently lashing out at Australian rapper Iggy Azalea. She claimed the star was being hypocritical by rapping but staying quiet on black culture.
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Monday, 29. December 2014