Celebs Tipps: How to survive this Party Night

The stars know how to survive a wild night. Follow their tips for an unforgettable New Year!

You still have a choice: Spending a cosy New Year’s Eve with a handful of friends, having a nice dinner, a glass of Champagne at midnight and getting to bed nice and early! Or put on your hippest outfit, grab a bottle of strong drink and shoot off to the trendiest party in town!

If you decide to party, you should really follow these tips to make sure you actually experience the end of the year. Follow the lead of many of the young stars. They spend all their weekends at parties, in clubs or at award ceremonies and party like there’s no tomorrow. But the very next day, all traces of that wild night have disappeared and they’re fit for the job.

If you follow the following tips, you too can have an awesome New Year’s Eve without regretting the party the next day:

Tuesday, 30. December 2014