Merry Catmas Taylor Swift

Mom's do know best

Christmas is finally over! All the presents are unwrapped so now is totally the time to compare and compete. Taylor Swift definitely already won this year’s Birthday gift competition with her gorgeous Cat Pendant which she got from Lena Dunham. This already totally nailed it but let’s see what was lying under Tay Tay’s Christmas tree…

Our Pop Princess must have been a VERY good girl as Santa or rather her Mom got her another dashing present. Of course, as nearly everything in Miss ‘Shake it off’s’ life, it’s linked to her beloved cats Meredith & Olivia.

Given the fact that her Superstar daughter constantly travels the globe, Taylor’s Mom actually got her the purrrrrrfect Christmas prezie. Santa Mom surprised her with two personalized carriers for her beloved kitties. The presents are not only very handy, they also win every Christmas gift competition with it’s originality and silly sense of humor – WE LOVE!

“Not that giving Christmas presents is a competition, but this year, my mom won,” Taylor captioned the picture.

Monday, 29. December 2014