The Tonight Show with One Direction

Jimmy Fallon talks Liverpudlion and 1D get grounded...

As YOU guys voted 1D to win this years MTV Stars, we of course keep you updated over every little step the guys take. This time it was quite a big one. The group of five most recently took “a step” over the Atlantic Ocean, to be the guests of US Late Night Talker and Comedian Jimmy Fallon.

This must have been really grand for our favorite lad’s as it was their first time at the “The Tonight Show”. But the whole talk with Jimmy turned out to be quite chilled. Fallon more or less kind of “grounded” the guys. Meaning their chit-chat spontaneously was relocated to solid ground. Actually to the studio floor just to be more specific.

The guys must not only felt quite comfy having such a casual hang with Fallon, but also having a talk in Liverpudlian accent. Well, props to Jimmy for that one. That was totally SWELL!

Take a look at the full Sit-in:

Monday, 29. December 2014