Gwyneth and Chris’ ‘New Age New Year plans’

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are reportedly planning to reconnect at a wellness spa after Christmas.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are reportedly heading to a “hardcore New Age retreat” together.

The couple announced they had “consciously uncoupled” from their ten-year marriage in March, with Chris allegedly moving on with Jennifer Lawrence and Gwyneth rumoured to have romanced Glee co-creator Brad Falchuk. Both those relationships are now over and there has been wide speculation that they couple could reunite, not least because they have remained close for the sake of their two kids.

It’s now suggested they are planning to go to the We Care Spa in Palm Springs after Christmas to work on things.

“Ever since Chris split with Jen, there has been talk about whether Gwyn and Chris still feel consciously uncoupling was the right thing to do. Since then, they’ve improved their relationship immensely, and are the best of friends now,” an insider told British magazine Heat.

“Chris has already decided he’s cutting back on his work commitments and spending time away from Coldplay, so he can be with the kids more. And he’s thinking that perhaps a divorce would be bad news, and it seems Gwyn agrees, so they’re doing a spiritual and physical detox at this hardcore New Age retreat after Christmas.”

It won’t be the first time the couple have headed to the retreat. They did it once before and were apparently left feeling completely focused and full of energy, said to be another reason why they are keen to go again.

“Their stay will see them shun all technology, exist on juices and chant to try to release tension.

“So going there is an attempt to reconnect, without the noise of day-to-day life. It sounds crazy, holding hands and chanting, but they hope it will re-energise the relationship,” the source said. “They’re both so confused, and are hoping that a spiritually-bonding retreat will help them realise what they want from each other and from the next year.”
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Wednesday, 24. December 2014