Azealia Banks: My mom’s mad rules

Azealia Banks wasn’t allowed to wear neon as a child because her mother said it was “too fresh”.

Azealia Banks’ mother didn’t let her wear make-up because she worried it would lead to her falling pregnant.

The 23-year-old rapper has grown into an independent woman who is known for her outrageous style and willingness to express herself online and in her candid lyrics.

But when she was younger she had strict rules to abide by, which she doesn’t wish to impose on any other children.

“I’m a cool auntie because i buy my nieces make-up and other cool sh*t. my mother REFUSED to by me makeup and perfume and girl stuff,” she revealed on Twitter.

“She used to say that it would make me “too fresh” and that i would be pregnant at 16 if i wore neon colors, or make-up or anything like that (sic)”

And it wasn’t just her everyday style that was compromised. Azealia added that she wasn’t allowed to buy “frilly” costumes for Halloween either.

“And the year “The Hunchback of Notredame” came out, all the girls in my pre-school class were Esmeralda and i was f**king SIMBA,” she shared.

“I had a $3.99 simba costume out the bin from the Woolworth’s that used to be on 146th…

“All the girls in my class laughed at me and said i couldn’t play with them because i looked like a boy. It was heartbreaking. (sic)”

The musician also recalled dealing with being lactose intolerant at school. Apparently she was teased for having to drink from blue milk cartons as opposed to the red ones all the other children had.

It’s not unusual for Azealia to be vocal on social media. Only recently she came under fire for writing damning tweets about fellow rapper Iggy Azalea, claiming she wasn’t supporting black culture.
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Wednesday, 24. December 2014