Sheeran’s 2014 highlight

Ed Sheeran feels lucky to have received praise from big names in the music industry.

Ed Sheeran found it surreal meeting Van Morrison this year.

The British singer-songwriter has had a wonderful 2014, with his second album x taking the charts by storm following its release in June.

There were also plenty of highs in his personal life, such as sitting down for lunch with his musical idol, who is best known for tracks such as Moondance and Brown Eyed Girl, in October.

Ed was so excited about it at the time, he posted a message on Twitter, describing the experience as “incredible”.

“Van Morrison,” he told BBC Newsbeat when questioned about who the musical hero mentioned in his tweet was.

“Growing up as a kid, he was the person I listened to starting off, so being able to chat to him for two hours… it kind of made my job feel very, very surreal. We chatted about music and what is happening now, in the digital age.”

And Ed knows first-hand the effects of social media, with almost 12 million followers on Twitter. While he may not always receive positive comments from other users, it was the reassurance of Van which helped the red-haired musician feel confident in himself.

“From the looks of things on the media forefront, people might not think anyone likes me,” Ed added. “So it’s nice to see people I look up to and admire say good things.”

Fellow Brit Sam Smith is also enjoying the end of a whopping year. Earlier this month he earned a staggering six nominations for next year’s Grammy Awards, and it’s now safe to say he’s a firm figure in the world of music in America.

“I think one of the highlights would be the MTV VMAs,” he explained. "I watched that as a kid every year and being there and performing, sitting in the seat I was sat in was very, very surreal.

“It’s really odd what’s happened over there [America] in such a short space of time, it’s incredible.”

He’s loving being in the States, but that’s not to say he’ll be forgetting his home country any time soon.

“But do you know what? I do miss the UK when I am there and I can’t wait to be back when I am gone,” he smiled.
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Wednesday, 24. December 2014