Pharrell: Why my year rocked

Pharrell Williams found this year an "awakening" to his purpose in life.

Pharrell Williams’ life has been “enhanced” by The Voice.

The 41-year-old singer took a place on the panel of spinning chairs alongside Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine on season seven of the US programme. While many may view the process as an odd one, with judges listening to contestants without seeing them first, Pharrell found it a great lesson.

“Being on The Voice has enhanced my life. It’s just allowed me to pay forward everything that I’ve learned, all the invaluable suggestions, the incredible advice that’s been given to me. And the things that I’ve learned on my own as well,” he told

“I know the way it must look on television. It’s a show, but for me, it’s really this thing where we get to look into people and see what’s in there. And it hurts when you come across some people that have a great voice but they haven’t connected to their spirit yet. So they end up doing things that they don’t really want to do.”

This year has been a massive one for Pharrell, winning countless awards for his number one track Happy and continuing his music and fashion collaborations. Not a day goes by that the musician isn’t grateful to have found such success, but he makes sure to keep a modest outlook.

“2014 was an awakening to a purpose. I just remember waking up rejoicing and being so thankful that my awakening was in my hobby. I realised that there’s so much more you can put into your craft… without being preachy,” he smiled.

“But I’ve realised you can have a good time and actually say some things that people can walk away with.”
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Wednesday, 24. December 2014