MTV X-Mas Survival Guide

    If you want to survive the Christmas madness unharmed, you should stick to our 8 key rules.

    Christmas is the strangest time of the year: At the end of September, we start off by being irritated that gingerbread and mince pies are already stacked on the supermarket shelves even though it’s still rather summery outside. Yet, as soon as the temperatures drop and the first Christmas lights adorn the shopping malls, we’re getting into the Christmas spirit. Just before the big day, when the high street is overcrowded and we’re properly stressed out, desperately trying to get the last few presents organised, that Christmas spirit is swept away again.

    And the most stressful parts of the year are yet to come. Most families follow a strict programme over the holidays: Christmas dinner, Christmas carols, unpacking presents, moaning about presents, and more dinner! It can really get you down, and most of us have to spend this time with family members whom we work hard to avoid the rest of the year.

    If you want to make sure that Christmas remains a time of love, follow these eight rules of our Christmas Survival Guide. CLICK IT!

    Friday, 23. December 2016