will.i.am: Iggy isn’t everything

will.i.am thinks the world’s gone crazy, caring more about issues that don’t matter when there are serious problems out there.

will.i.am wishes people cared more about education in America than they did about slamming Iggy Azalea.

The megastar performer has taken to Twitter to show his support for Iggy in light of people’s opinions on her colour and success as a rapper.

Tensions rose when fellow singer Azealia Banks suggested Iggy didn’t deserve to be thought of as a hip-hop star, as she’s white.

will.i.am totally disagrees though, and wasn’t shy about telling his followers. However, he was shocked that his views on Iggy garnered more attention than his opinions on more serious matters.

“I’ve talked about how f’d up the USA prison system is for blacks & people respond to my comment about @IGGYAZALEA more passionately #wow (sic),” he tweeted to his 12.6million followers.

“I wish more people cared more about our education vs prisons in America like they do about this @IGGYAZALEA debate…”


He then posted a link to his track The World is Crazy – with the video set up as a mock news broadcast, where will.i.am is the newsreader. Instead of speaking the news he sings it, covering stories such as last week’s hostage situation in Sydney, Australia, and the mistrust of politicians.

Iggy has had a hard time of it lately, with numerous celebrities taking swipes at her.

As well as Azealia, Snoop Dogg and Eminem have slammed her. Snoop mocked a recent snap of Iggy wearing no make-up, while Eminem threatened to rape her in a violent song.

However, the 24-year-old isn’t letting it get her down, and took to her social media page to wish fans a happy Christmas.

“its the most magical time of year and be it a slow news week… it still seems a waste to spend it aimlessly trolling my account.

“merrrrrrrryyyyyyyy chrissstttttttmmaaassssssssss! see ya in the new year! peace and love! Xoxoxo (sic),” she posted.
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Tuesday, 23. December 2014