Ne-Yo - I’m a Christmas mama’s boy

Ne-Yo’s mother always tells him it “won’t be pretty” if he skips spending Christmas with her.

Ne-Yo always spends Christmas with his mother because she threatens “physical harm” otherwise.

The 32-year-old singer has two children and makes sure the festive season is always a family affair. That means meeting up with his mom Loraine, who always makes it clear she expects to see him.

“My plans for Christmas are what they are every year which is to be wherever my mom is so she does not cause me any physical harm. Because that is her threat, ‘I don’t need you all year, but when Christmas comes around you need to be where I am otherwise I will come and find you and it won’t be pretty.’ That’s how she goes,” he laughed to UK radio station KISS FM.

Ne-Yo also discussed this year’s gift list, which is surprisingly sparse. He feels lucky with all he’s achieved in his life so far, so just wants to be with those he loves over Yuletide.

“As far as what I want, to be honest with you I can’t remember the last time I actually wanted a Christmas gift,” he said. “I’m blessed to say that I pretty much have everything I could want – my kids are healthy, my career’s in a good place, I’m happy man. As far as the material stuff, I’m kinda off that.”

Ne-Yo has been working on his new album Non-Fiction, which is due out next year. He explained there are a few reasons why he went with the title, firstly because it sums him up as a writer.

“At this point in my career I been here almost ten years now, I feel like people kind of understand that when it’s Ne-Yo it’s real. I’m not the guy who’s gonna lip-sync for 30 minutes unless you pay me to do it. The lyrics come from a real place… there’s no ghost writers or anything like that,” he said.

The songs are all based on true stories too. Some of them relate to the star and others came from his fans, as he asked them to tell him about their hopes, dreams and fears to make the record more collaborative. The star was then quizzed on whether he’s told his fans which tales made it on to the final LP.

“They find out when they go get the album,” he laughed.
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Monday, 22. December 2014