Chris Brown ‘taking sentence seriously’

Chris Brown is apparently completing six hours of community service a day without “acting up”.

Chris Brown has reportedly made community service his “full-time job”.

In August last year, the singer was sentenced to 1,000 more hours of unpaid work after the Los Angeles County district attorney claimed there were discrepancies in reports he’d filed. The paperword claimed he’d completed the 180 hours he was sentenced to following his assault case against Rihanna.

Now TMZ claims the 25-year-old has been working hard to get it done, claiming he has made community service his “full-time job for the last six weeks”. According to the gossip site, he is keen to get it all logged within a few weeks.

It’s thought that since November 13, Chris has been doing six hours of physical labour a day, five days a week. He has a court hearing in mid-January, by which he hopes to have completed the 1,000 hours.

While his work as a musician has taken over briefly at times, it’s generally believed he manages to squeeze in five six-hour sessions of community service a week.

Following his attack on ex-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, it was made clear Chris’ punishment should involve hard labour. Apparently he’s been working at a facility where he paints, removes trash, cleans and moves furniture.

Not letting his showbiz life suffer, Chris reportedly did six hours on Friday, before heading to Florida, where he played a gig. He then had shows on Saturday and Sunday, before heading back to LA for labour on Monday.

According to sources, Chris hasn’t “acted up” or complained and is on course for finishing up by his January court appearance.

Chris’ probation was revoked last year after he was accused of hitting a man outside a Washington, DC hotel in October 2013. He also ended up serving time in prison earlier this year after he was kicked out of rehab.
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Monday, 22. December 2014