Blake bakes her way through Xmas

Blake Lively learned what was important about Christmas from her mother.

Blake Lively associates Christmas with baking and cooking.

The Gossip Girl star has made no secret of her love of the kitchen, previously admitting cupcakes are more important to her than working out.

It’s of no surprise that her festive season centres on food, something she learnt when she was growing up.

“My mother Elaine was such an amazing cook. She would make the best cakes and pies on earth. But it wasn’t just her cooking that was important and made a big impression on me – it was how baking was her way of celebrating the day, especially Thanksgiving or Christmas,” she told “I would sometimes bring cakes that my mother made to school and all the kids in class would be so happy. That’s the kind of joy that I associate with baking and cooking. Sitting down for a big family dinner or cooking with friends should always be an occasion for celebration.”

This will be an extra special December 25 for the 27-year-old actress, who is expecting her first child with her husband Ryan Reynolds. She can’t wait to be a mother and is seemingly already planning to be pretty traditional. For Blake, a happy home is one which is full of good food.

“I like to tell people that I’m really a cook by nature and an actress by accident!” she laughed. “I’ve been able to work at some incredible restaurants and learn from some of the world’s greatest chefs, and that’s been such a thrill for me. I feel I have a natural gift for cooking. I can get incredibly passionate about coming up with different dishes and learning how to prepare food and create different flavours and tastes. That’s where the art comes into play and the best chefs are truly masters at gastronomy.”
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Saturday, 20. December 2014