Taylor ‘supported Selena’s breakdown’

Taylor Swift apparently helped Selena Gomez laugh off her ex-boyfriend woes during the former country singer’s 25th birthday party.

Taylor Swift “hugged” Selena Gomez through an emotional breakdown.

Selena was reportedly in quite the state at her good friend’s 25th birthday party last week, with claims she was missing her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. But Taylor apparently proved to be a golden friend by helping the 22-year-old through her troubled moments.

“At first Taylor was alone with Selena, talking to her and hugging her, and then a few other people came up to Selena,” a source told Hollywood Life of the happenings at the Taylor’s birthday bash at her Tribeca apartment. “At one point there was group hug.”

Even though it was the I Knew You Were Trouble hitmaker’s special day, she’s said to have taken Selena’s “emotional” state really well. The insider says instead of focusing on her own fun, Taylor made it her duty to entertain her sad friend.

“Taylor was sweet and tried to make her laugh which actually eventually worked,” they explained. “Taylor didn’t seem annoyed or anything, she was just super sweet and supportive of Selena.”

Us Weekly previously reported Selena had become hysterical at the shindig. They claim everyone “just stared” at her after she shouted her thoughts.

“No one understands me! My boyfriend doesn’t even understand me," she apparently cried.

This comes after Justin sparked rumors he and Hailey Baldwin, the niece of actor Alec, are more than just friends with a series of flirty snaps were posted on Instagram this week.

However, the singer was quick to insist the relationship is platonic, adding he is “super single”.

Uploading a photo of he and Hailey sitting in a car together and smiling, Justin used the caption to make his point clear.

“People are crazy. I’m super single and this is my good friend u would know otherwise (sic),” he wrote.
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Friday, 19. December 2014