What To Do in 2015: The Celebrity Horoscope

    This celebrity horoscope shows you what the stars and the moon have in store for you and your favourite stars in the new year.

    Aries like Jessie J will have an exciting and exhausting year in which their job or schoolwork is really rather demanding. However, this will result in receiving a lot of attention from the world around you. Maybe even from your heartthrob?

    Taureans like Sam Smith will experience a particular good dose of luck and harmony at home. And love has a lot in store for you next year. If you’re already in a relationship, you’ll fall in love with your partner all over again.

    Great opportunities will open up to Geminis like Kendrick Lamar to get ahead in their career or with their studies, as they’ll be more creative than ever in 2015. But these Geminis have to make time for their romantic life to make sure they don’t miss out next year.

    Cancerians like Selena Gomez will face great changes. The new year will bring a new job, a new home or a new relationship. Are you ready?

    Things will get really exciting in the second half of 2015 for Leos like Demi Lovato. This is their most productive time and they’ll really outperform in their career and their personal life.
    Virgos like Beyonce will get really lucky next year and they’ll enjoy the perfect romantic set-up. But they’ll need to keep their eyes peeled to make sure they don’t miss it.

    Librans like Zac Efron will undergo an image change in 2015. It will do you good, as it will lead to new friendships, accelerate your career or result in successful studies.

    Scorpios like Drake will be rewarded by standing in the spotlight soon. Have you been working towards something for a while? In 2015, you’ll earn your reward.

    The new year will be somewhat exhausting for Sagittarians like Miley Cyrus. In order to get ahead, you’ll need to plan and use your time more carefully. However, it will truly pay off – both in your professional and your romantic life.

    Capricorns like Meghan Trainor will receive the impetus for personal development next year. Do you lack confidence, at times a little too lazy or too independent? 2015 will change you a lot.

    A year of love is waiting for Aquarians like Ed Sheeran. 2015 will offer the ultimate fulfilment in this respect.

    For Pisceans like Rihanna, 2015 will be electrifying. Not only will the new year bring moments of personal growth, but your job or school will really come alive. It could be your year.

    MTV wishes you all the best for your private, professional, and romantic life in the new year!

    Thursday, 01. January 2015