Mahone’s girlfriend checklist

Austin Mahone has explained what he looks for in a girl.

Austin Mahone wants a girlfriend who is “shorter than him.”

The 18-year-old What About Love hitmaker has adoring female fans worldwide, but he is apparently selective when it comes to choosing a partner. For the single singer, mediocre height is one of three important requirements.

“And a girl who is shorter than me,” Austin told People magazine when asked about the three things he’s looking for in a girl.

At 5 ft 10 in, Austin is neither tall nor particularly short, but he has made it clear anyone he dates needs to fall below that. In addition, he revealed it’d be ideal for him to find someone who can keep up with his worldwide touring schedule and perhaps put together a meal along the way.

“[I’m looking for] a girl that loves to travel… and a girl that can cook,” Austin told the outlet.

When he’s not making pop music and accompanying videos, he’s likely to be found posing in front of his phone camera. Austin is known for showcasing his famous face in multiple selfies on his Instagram page.

According to him, the secret to snapping the perfect photo of yourself is to be a perfectionist.

“You’ve got to have the right angle,” he explained. “You’ve got to have at least too to 600 takes because you never know which one is going to be the best, and then you just pick from there.”

In the same interview, the musician revealed what he’s learned from Taylor Swift. Part of what helped launch Austin’s career was being an opening act in the superstar’s Red Tour, and this allowed him to gain some wisdom from her.

According to him, his “top three lessons” from Taylor were to “keep family close, always put on a show people will never forget, and stay classy.”
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Wednesday, 17. December 2014