Wentz’s epic ideas

Pete Wentz feels “epic and heartfelt” music is missing from the charts.

Pete Wentz wants to make “epic and heartfelt” music.

The Fall Out Boy rocker and bandmates Patrick Stump, Andy Hurley and Joe Trohman released their fifth studio album, Save Rock and Roll, in April last year to widespread critical acclaim following a three-year hiatus.

The band’s now getting ready to release their new album, American Beauty/American Psycho.

And Pete reveals it was the experience of playing to giant crowds across the globe during their comeback that largely inspired FOB’s latest offering.

“We went around the world following Save Rock And Roll and played bigger shows than any of us had expected,” he told MTV News, revealing those experiences led the band to write their most epic track yet.

“We shared the stage with Eminem and we played with Metallica and we played with Linkin Park. That’s where the idea of Centuries came [from…. That’s [like] when I was growing up and looking at Michael Jackson and Queen and Guns ‘n’ Roses — they were playing these amazing huge shows, but the songs were still epic and heartfelt.”

The band’s new album is scheduled for release January 20.

And Pete says he’s looking forward to sharing more of the band’s new sound with the world.

“I feel like that’s missing in young contemporary rock music. Everybody wants to hide in their garage and play to, like, seven people,” he said.

“That’s cool. There’s a place for that. That’s just never been Fall Out Boy’s place — or where we’ve imagined our place.”
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Monday, 15. December 2014