Top 8 moments of Geordie Shore Episode 7

Are Gaz and our beloved psycho Charlotte getting married? And is Vicky really gone for good? Tune in and be a witness of "Bottlegate" and all the other break ups 2 make ups.

Can one actually believe what happened on Geordie Shore this Sunday? This times episode was literally packed with emotions and ALL the drama we so, so love our good ol´Geordie´s for. You guys missed out or just can´t manage to pick a favourite moment of yours?! Well don´t worry Lad´s we got your back and already summed it all up for you! So take a “safe” trip down to the so called “House of Warfare” and enjoy the 8 best moments of Geordie Shore Episode 907!

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Monday, 15. December 2014

  • Geordie Shore | 907| Slap, Swill, Smash Catastrophe

  • Geordie Shore | 907 | Super Sexy Nurse Marnie

  • Geordie Shore | 907 | Holly's Vindictive Vagina

  • Geordie Shore | 907| Charlotte's Indecent Proposal

  • Geordie Shore | 907 | Charlotte Drops A Bomb On Gaz

  • Geordie Shore | 907 | Double Trouble Blonde Bust Up

  • Geordie Shore | 907 | Psycho Charlotte Strikes Again

  • Geordie Shore | 907 | Dry Hump Holly And Incontinent Crosby