Sam Smith's hide-and-seek fun

Sam Smith likes to play secret games of hide-and-seek with his bodyguard.

Sam Smith is mortified that he ran “full-pelt” into Harry Styles while playing hide-and-seek with his bodyguard.

The British singer is rounding out a brilliant year in his career, having cemented his success with six Grammy Award nominations earlier this month.

He’s still getting used to being famous though, resulting in more than a few embarrassing moments.

“I haven’t told anyone this but I’m doing this thing at the moment where I play hide-and-seek with my bodyguard,” he told British newspaper The Sun. “I run away and he has to find me.

“I was legging it down this hallway and I ran full-pelt into Harry. I wanted to impress him a bit but I was sweating and wearing trackies.”

The two guys did have a little chat and swapped phone numbers, with Sam astounded by how normal the One Direction star is.

Harry isn’t the only famous face Sam has struck up a friendship with. He’s also good pals with Ed Sheeran, with the pair planning to work together on a track at some point.

Sam calls his fellow Brit “an amazing man”, explaining Ed is who he turns to if he wants advice.

“Me and him just want to chill out together,” he said.

“I’m going to go to his house and drink and talk about life. And if we want to write a song then we want to write a song.

“Any collabs I do happen organically. I don’t really like the idea of labels putting people in rooms together.”

Sam has been involved in a high-profile collaboration recently – he lent his vocals to the new edition of Sir Bob Geldof’s Do They Know It’s Christmas? which was made on the 30th anniversary of the original to raise money for the Ebola crisis.

The track has been criticised by some for reinforcing stereotypes about Africa. Even Emeli Sandé, who appears on it, has slammed it, claiming some of the lyrics should have been rewritten.

“I was in the studio when she was changing the lyrics. I wasn’t understanding the reasons why,” Sam argued.

“Maybe she clocked on to something that I’ve missed, but genuinely, from my heart, I was there for one reason – for charity. The single has raised a lot of money. It’s done its job."
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Monday, 15. December 2014