Orlando 'so close to Holmes'

Orlando Bloom is reportedly helping Katie Holmes network in LA.

Orlando Bloom and Katie Holmes are said to get on like a house on fire.

The two Hollywood stars have recently been romantically linked, with a US publication reporting Katie had made a play for the British actor.

The news comes only a few weeks after it was suggested Katie’s ex-husband Tom Cruise and Orlando’s estranged wife Miranda Kerr were an item.

Sources close to Orlando, 37, and Katie claim the pair have enjoyed a few low-key dates, but her rep denies the claims. However, it’s thought they may work together in her directorial debut All We Had.

“Katie was doing preliminary casting and sounded him out in LA about playing a deadbeat carpet installer,” a source told British magazine Grazia.

“They didn’t know each other very well but when they met in LA they got on great. They’ve met on a number of occasions since.”

Katie, 35, and her daughter Suri only recently moved to LA, upping sticks and leaving their New York base for life on the West Coast in September.

Although she’s a well known actress, a second insider reveals Orlando has been helping her out when it comes to working in California.

“Orlando has helped Katie network in LA. He likes how reserved she is, but whether it will develop only time will tell,” the source said.

Currently Orlando has been busy on promo duties for The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies, which is the third and final instalment to the popular franchise.

He plays elf Legolas, a role he also held in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. However he’s happy to finally be saying goodbye to the character.

“I feel like I need to get rid of the blonde wig and pointy ears for a while,” Orlando recently BBC Radio 1.

“I want to just kind of let it all hang out – let it fly, let it loose. I need to get down and dirty, you know, a bit aggressive and show this whole other side of me."
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Sunday, 14. December 2014