Kiesza: I owe it to the divas

Kiesza tried loads of sounds before she found what worked best for her.

Kiesza’s love of the 90s diva lead her to write Hideaway.

The Canadian songstress smashed on to the music scene with the hit earlier this year, which topped the charts in numerous countries including the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands.

“I was thinking of my love for Chicago house, soul and 90s divas, and a song just clicked. Hideaway was written, recorded, mixed and mastered in about 90 minutes,” Kiesza recalled to Q magazine.

“I didn’t expect it to blow up. But it just exploded. It was nuclear. And the whole world got it at the same time.”

The song wasn’t her first stab at stardom, with Kiesza sampling many sounds before she found what worked best for her.

In 2012 she released her first single, but it had little impact on the charts.

“I had country, I had Indie, I had EDM. Folk, jazz. The whole lot. Actually, I was in a death metal band for a short period,” she laughed of her past forays into music.

Prior to her musical career the 25-year-old was part of the Royal Canadian Navy, something she praises with teaching her valuable life lessons.

“In a war situation you’re trained to get rid of your perception of limits. When you’re running until you think you’re going to pass out, they make you run more. You realise you won’t pass out,” she said.

Now music is her main goal, and as well as her own work she regularly collaborates with other artists such as Diplo and Skrillex who called upon her talents for their track Take U There.

“I needed a passion project. This was only supposed to be something I was doing on the side,” she smiled.
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Sunday, 14. December 2014