Krysten Ritter mad for music

Krysten Ritter loves music because she can get lost in it.

Krysten Ritter goes “nutty” if she doesn’t play guitar.

The star is primarily known for her acting, appearing in projects such as Confessions of a Shopaholic and Tim Burton’s upcoming Big Eyes.

However, she also sings and plays the guitar for band Ex Vivian, claiming that music is the ticket to happiness for her.

“When I’m playing my guitar regularly I always feel so much better,” she smiled to the British edition of Marie Claire.

“If it gets put aside for too long I start to get a little nutty. I find it a great creative outlet – it’s very meditative, and you can kind of get lost in it. I have music on at all times. I never get sick of Neil Young.”

Krysten, 32, also has favourites in the acting world. Having appeared in comedies herself, she values someone who can get a chuckle out of their audience.

“As a kid I loved funny movies and comedians like Adam Sandler and Jim Carrey,” she revealed. “Jim Carrey’s career in the 90s was pretty unparalleled – he could make anybody laugh. He’s a true artist.”

And with her part in Big Eyes, Krysten is fulfilling a dream.

“I’m the biggest Tim Burton fan,” she gushed. "I’ve wanted to work with him whole career. You can spot anything he touches a mile away, which is an amazing, iconic thing.

“Big Eyes is right up my alley. I play a little Goth and I think I fit into the world pretty perfectly.”
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Sunday, 14. December 2014