Niall's windy ways

One Direction have opened up about their touring antics, addressing everything from farting to using the toilet.

Niall Horan does “proud farts”.

The Irish heartthrob is one fifth of One Direction and the lads are currently enjoying time off for Christmas before heading off on their On the Road Again Tour. Speaking about their tour bus antics, Liam Payne was quick to point out bandmate Niall’s windy ways.

“To be fair, Niall, you do let rip at random occasions. And they are proud farts. They are not quiet ones. They are not smelly. But they are musical,” Liam quipped during an interview with British newspaper Metro. “Did you know that Niall can’t burp?”

“Yes. That’s something people don’t know about me,” Niall chimed in. “I had colic [a condition involving frequent crying] as a child and didn’t have power over my muscles in my throat. The muscles moved down here [points to bottom].”

It seems the guys have no boundaries while in close proximity of one another. Even when in luxury locations the singers continue to have fun.

“You walked past me having a wee the other day. The toilet in the hotel had a window and I was having a p**s and then I turned around and he was looking at me,” Liam said to Louis Tomlinson, who responded by pointing out that a lot of hotels have windows in their bathrooms.

The group, also including Harry Styles and Zayn Malik, soared to fame in 2010 after appearing on the UK version of The X Factor. They were mentored by Simon Cowell, who signed them to his label Syco, and Niall admits the music mogul sometimes acts like a dad to them.

“Sometimes he’ll do that ‘disappointed’ voice but he hasn’t done that in a while. I’ve never seen him angry at all,” the star explained. “Even with the people he works with. He just gets his point across in a relaxed manner.”

“He will be angry when he realises that [his son] Eric is Niall’s,” Harry joked.
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Friday, 12. December 2014