Kiesza: My album is deep

Kiesza thinks Sound of a Woman is a very personal record.

Kiesza’s album is filled with “suppressed emotion”.

The singer broke onto the music scene with smash hit Hideaway earlier this year and her first full-length international record, Sound of a Woman, followed in October.

Like many artists, the 25-year-old prefers to write about moments that have made a difference to her life.

“This album was very personal but I definitely get inspired by a lot of different things. I feel like a lot of it was inside, waiting to come out,” she revealed to British newspaper The Sun.

“I had a lot of suppressed emotion that was translated into the music.”

The Canadian star first made an album in 2008 but it didn’t go mainstream. Now she’s known the world over and can’t quite get her head around how it happened.

“It was weird because it happened so quickly. There was a lot of isolation as well and I feel like there was a duality between starting to be recognised by people and also being more confined to this little world of touring,” she explained.

“It was hard to process – it’s still hard to process! When things were finished it almost felt like they didn’t happen. I feel like I played Wembley Stadium and then was like, ‘Did I really do that?’”

Hideaway was penned after four other tracks for Sound of a Woman and then went on to inspire the rest of the album. Rather than slogging away over the record, Kiesza managed to turn things around at speed.

“It was a pretty quick process. It was done over a year but if you split up the time it was probably only about three weeks,” she confessed.
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Friday, 12. December 2014