Redfoo: Taylor's top on Twitter!

Redfoo wants to inspire his fans to be creative and funny.

Redfoo is impressed by Taylor Swift’s Twitter antics.

The LMFAO musician is a regular user of social media and has racked up over a million Twitter followers. But it’s a small number in comparison to Taylor, who has over 48 million loyal fans reading her posts every day.

“I love to follow people who are doing the business best – and at the moment Taylor Swift is using social media in a really cool way,” Redfoo explained to British newspaper Metro. “She’s using third-party companies, doing live streaming, all sorts of things – and what Kim Kardashian is doing is interesting too… Her game is earning her hundreds of thousands of dollars each day.”

LMFAO, also made up of rapper Skyblu, began their career in 2006 but only became known worldwide after their catchy 2011 track Sexy and I Know It. Their fame didn’t go unnoticed and the duo were approached by numerous technology companies about new ventures. But Redfoo didn’t feel passionate enough about the proposed ideas.

“At the height of LMFAO some companies wanted us to get into that gaming space but there’s something about kids buying virtual stuff… It’s cool but you know it’s not real,” he added. “It’s a tricky situation. I’d prefer to inspire my fans to create things, be funny, make a video, create a meme – there are very powerful tech and social media tools that allow you to be creative.”

Redfoo has many famous friends such as Lil’ Jon, who blew the star away with his gadget knowledge.

“He had this drum machine and knew everything about it. He showed me how to use every aspect of that machine and was really crafty with his computers,” Redfoo smiled.
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Friday, 12. December 2014