Kelly Osbourne’s ‘World War 3 Xmas’

Kelly Osbourne has revealed she and her “eclectic” family would often share heated experiences during holiday seasons in the past.

Kelly Osbourne says family Christmas “was always World War 3 in my house”.

The 30-year-old Fashion Police! star is the daughter of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, who are also parents to Aimee, 31, and Jack, 29.

During a #storieschat session on Twitter Wednesday, Kelly recalls the holiday season being quite combustible with her kin.

“Christmas was always world war 3 in my house. Always a matter of time before someone kicked off,” she tweeted.

Kelly claims she and her siblings literally made it difficult for any Christmas celebrations to take place.

The Osbourne children were master obstacle course engineers as tots.

“But one year my brother and I set up an obstacle course in my room to see if Santa was real [or] not but my dad discovered it,” Kelly shared.

The TV personality also told her Twitter followers that she is enormously grateful for her family.

Kelly honours her kin and thinks it’s amazing they are so supportive of her various ventures, including the recent launch of her first fashion collection.

“It blows my mind that my friends & family like my line. It’s such an eclectic group of people and they love the line!” she gushed.

Kelly also noted she is in a whole new phase of “self-acceptance” at the moment.

The star is happy with how much she’s matured over the years.

“At 19 I thought I knew everything. At 30 I realise I knew nothing. But I wouldn’t change what got me where I am now,” Kelly said.
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Wednesday, 10. December 2014