Justin ‘pining for Selena’

Justin Bieber apparently just wants his on/off girlfriend Selena Gomez back because “he can’t have her”.

Justin Bieber “still wants” Selena Gomez.

The 20-year-old Baby hitmaker has endured an arduous on/off relationship with the songstress, but was recently rumoured to be romantically linked to Hailey Baldwin. But he reportedly still pines after the Heart Wants What It Wants star.

“Justin has Hailey; he has all the girls he brings to his home, so when it comes to hooking up that is not a problem. And that will continue, but he wants Selena,” a source told gossip website Hollywood Life.

However, it’s thought that even if the newly blonde singer manages to make amends and reunite with Selena, she’ll slip through his hands. Justin is apparently sure to wreck any chance he gets.

“He will ruin it by not being able to be true to her,” the insider went on. “He just wants her because he can’t have her, and he always gets what he wants.”

However, Hailey recently denied any relationship with Justin outside of a platonic one. Laughing off the claims, the 18-year-old daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin said they’ve been friends for years.

“I’ve known [Justin] since I was so young—since I was like 13—and we’ve just been good friends over the years," she told E! News. “We have just stayed close and there’s nothing more to it than that.”

Her denial comes after the pair were photographed having lunch together in Beverly Hills and shopping together.

Nonetheless, Selena is reported to have been upset by the whispers about Justin and Hailey.

“Selena hasn’t spoken to Justin for some time now and is just disappointed that he flaunts his relationship with Hailey,” a source told Hollywood Life earlier in the week. “Even if they aren’t dating, she takes it as a dig. She knows him all too well.”
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Wednesday, 10. December 2014