Sam Smith: I welcomed heartache

Sam Smith fears he “forced himself” to be in love so he could pen his first album.

Sam Smith “self-inflicted” heartbreak so he could write a hit album.

The British singer has been lauded for his debut In the Lonely Hour, and received six Grammy Award nominations last week. He’s been clear that being unlucky in love inspired much of the record, although Sam now admits all isn’t quite as it seems.

“It was desperately sad to think of, but it was such a healing process for me, you know? I think I actually – looking back on it, the person I was in love with, I think I forced myself a little bit to be more in love with them in order to write more music,” he told BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe.

“’Cause my label were like, ‘We need an album.’ So I was like, ‘Right, let’s go for dinner.’ Break my heart. So I think, kind of, it was a bit self-inflicted maybe. A tiny bit. When I look back on it.”

The 22-year-old star has now put that period completely behind him and is dating someone new. He isn’t being 100 per cent open about the romance just yet though, as he only met his new love interest a week ago.

Sam has been advised not to chat about his relationship at all, but explained he is always “too honest” about things like that – one of the reason why he has so many fans.

“It’s the first time I’ve felt something really amazing since the person the album was about, it’s the first time I’ve actually really fancied someone," he explained.

The singer also discussed his career to date, including some of the highlights. Right up there was attending the MTV Video Music Awards, because that allowed him to meet one of his idols.

Sam is still astounded that he was allowed to watch Beyoncé Knowles in a dress rehearsal and remains even more amazed that she knew exactly who he was.

“Jay [Z, Beyoncé’s husband] was outside, I was like, ‘Hi, nice to meet you.’ And then you walk in and she was there. And it was like – it was just incredible. She said, ‘Your voice is like chocolate.’ Which is incredible. A dream come true.”
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Tuesday, 09. December 2014