T-Pain: I don’t care about hits

T-Pain has revealed he’s not interested in making hit music.

T-Pain is “done trying to make hits” in the music industry.

The 29-year-old Bartender crooner has earned two Grammy Awards and his albums have gone Gold.

But he’s sick and tired of writing songs to sell records.

“Musically, I stopped trying to make hits,” T-Pain told Larry King. “I’m done with trying to make hits and trying to please everybody, except for myself.”

T-Pain is gearing up for the release of his fifth studio album, Stoicville: The Phoenix, which reaches fans in 2015.

And the star is elated about introducing his new sound to listeners.

“Stoicville is more truthful to me,” he explained. “It’s things that’s in my heart instead of trying to make hits… It’s not about if people get it or not. It’s about if I’m singing from my heart and making lyrics that resonate with me and not just making people dance in the club all the time.”

In October T-Pain became a viral sensation after being recorded singing a song without autotune.

His natural vocals are impressive and the singer has purposefully kept it simple for Phoenix.

“I’m much happier,” he revealed. “I’ve never been this happy in the music industry in my life.”

T-Pain has worked with several celebrities in the past on musical collaborations. Songs he’s composed with Ne-Yo, Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, Lily Allen and B.o.B. have all gone platinum.

T-Pain has been active in the music industry since 2004.
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Tuesday, 09. December 2014