Menzel: My son’s hard to impress

Idina Menzel reminds herself of the important message in her hit song Let It Go “every day”.

Idina Menzel’s son “couldn’t care less” about her star role in Frozen.

The 43-year-old sang the Oscar winning song Let It Go in the 2013 Disney film. And while children all over the world are driving their parents mad by singing it repeatedly every day, Idina’s own offspring is indifferent to all the hype.

“I have a little boy. He’s five and his name is Walker, and he plays it down. He couldn’t care less honestly,” she confessed to BBC One’s The One Show. “But he is aware that I sing the song. One time he was at a Valentine’s Day craft party, kind of the only guy with a bunch of girls cutting out hearts or something, he knows how to work it, already at five. And they were playing Frozen and he said, ‘Oh, my mom sings that song’, and all the girls went, ‘So do our moms’. He was like, ‘why are they giving me all this attitude?’ He just didn’t get it.”

Idina has her little boy with estranged husband and fellow actor Taye Diggs. While she’s ok with the fact that her son doesn’t appreciate her achievements right now, she can already reflect on how lucky she was to be involved.

“It’s very special, especially when having a child, even though he doesn’t care about it right now, one day he will,” she said. “It’s one thing to get a great job in your career but it’s another when it really resonates with so many people and has such a strong message for young people, but even adults. I find it’s an important message for me to remind myself everyday that it’s about embracing this very powerful part of yourself that you might even be afraid of and feel is going to ostracize you in some way, and when you finally surrender to it, it makes your more beautiful and more extraordinary than ever. I need that reminder all the time.”
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Monday, 08. December 2014