Christian Bale: Nutters are the best

Christian Bale likes to get his hands dirty when he's working and give it his all.

Christian Bale doesn’t like being precious about his work.

The star has enjoyed many screen incantations over the years, playing everyone from Batman to a sadistic killer in American Psycho.

He’s known for the thorough prep he does before shooting begins and isn’t fazed if people think he’s a bit mental.

“But I enjoy nutters!” Christian laughed to the British edition of Esquire magazine. "And I like it when I work with someone who’s done that. I go, ‘Good for him, man. Good for her.’ I like it when I can get down in the mud and play. Instead of it being a bit precious, a bit, ‘I just want to come, do the minimum and then leave.’

“When there’s someone who’s got that attitude, don’t bother. I want to know when you go and see a film that people really went for it. It doesn’t always work. But give it a bloody shot.”

When Christian, 40, conjures up the image of a movie star, he likes to think of someone he can rely on and who’ll get the job done.

For his role in The Machinist he famously lost over 60lbs, making his body extremely gaunt and surviving on only water, a cup of coffee and one apple a day.

“In some ways it’s a necessity for me. Not to get in the therapy chair too much but there is definitely a sense of, ‘Are you f**king kidding me? I’m the lead. I’m the one who people are expecting something from.’ Exodus [: Gods and Kings] was like that. Arriving on this gargantuan set, and everyone’s looking at you, just waiting. Can I, like, just get back in the car and drive away, please? Because I don’t get a kick out of that. That’s not power, because I’m totally replaceable. So I go [to myself], ‘F**king step up. Don’t be the one who didn’t really give it everything.’

“It’s a way of combating the fear that’s knocking inside your head all the time, going, ‘Not you, mate. Not you. You can’t do this. Are you joking? No, you can’t do it.’”
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Sunday, 07. December 2014