Chris O’Dowd: Lena's abnormal!

Chris O’Dowd is worried he will be “ruined” by young talented women.

Chris O’Dowd thinks Lena Dunham is a genetic mutation.

The Irish actor had a cameo in the actress’ hit TV series Girls, playing a sleazy rich guy who married Jessa (Jemima Kirke). Chris enjoyed the experience and being able to work with Lena first-hand.

“She is so talented I sometimes think [it’s a] weird genetic mutation, which will hopefully die out. I resent these clever, young successful women because when I’m 50 they’ll ruin everything for me!” he smiled to British magazine Look.

Chris is famous for his humorous roles, first rising to fame in British programme The IT Crowd alongside Richard Ayoade. And it seems his upbringing played a big part in turning him into the comic genius he is today.

“Oh yeah,” Chris gushed when asked if his family are as funny as him. “When I was growing up the dinner table was a boisterous place – five kids and a lot of laughing! Not smart. I don’t want to give that impression. But very funny.”

He has starred in numerous films, his latest being St. Vincent. He was reunited with his Bridesmaids co-star Melissa McCarthy for the venture and the pair had fun while endorsing the movie together.

“We didn’t do an awful lot on screen together, but we did the [promotion] rounds. She is just so funny and warm and ridiculous,” Chris added.

Bridesmaids ended with his and Kristen Wiig’s characters ending up together happily ever after. But Chris revealed he thinks a sequel would see the couple go their separate ways and the actress’ alter ego Annie would return to her ex-boyfriend Ted (Jon Hamm).
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Sunday, 07. December 2014