Kanye 'changes behind closed doors'

Kanye West is very different in the privacy of his own home, says his stepbrother.

Kanye West doesn’t rant when he’s with his family.

The hip-hop star’s stepbrother Hal Carmichael has lifted the lid on what it’s like to have him in the family.

Kanye is renowned for being outspoken at his shows, often giving lectures on what people should be doing to improve the world. But when he’s not in public, things are apparently very different.

“Kanye doesn’t smile in public but he’s always smiling with us. He’s a real joker, he’s really witty and makes Kim [Kardashian, Kanye’s wife] laugh all the time,” Hal told British magazine Heat. “When he looks moody, it’s because he’s thinking, he never stops planning in his head, but behind closed doors he’s always smiling. He doesn’t take himself too seriously. When he gets off the stage, he’s just normal, funny Kanye. He doesn’t rant.”

Kanye was always sure about his career path. He and Hal got in contact after Kanye’s father married Hal’s mom in 1997 and even then the star was a force to be reckoned with.

“Kanye wanted to be the next Michael Jackson. He was always well dressed, in these pink polo shirts and nice sneakers – he’d never leave the house looking a mess. Image is everything to Kanye, that’s why he’s always in Paris. He wants to be close to the designers and to be taken seriously in that world,” Hal said.

This year the rapper married reality TV star Kim and they have 17-month-old daughter North together. Hal didn’t go to their wedding but has met Kim and believes she is the perfect partner for his relative.

“Kim is the sweetest girl. When I met her for the first time I was starstruck, but she’s as down to earth as he is. When people are mean about Kim – it’s hard for him because he loves her so much,” he enthused.
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Saturday, 06. December 2014