Leighton Meester: Don't overexpose online

Leighton Meester thinks some people take social media too far.

Leighton Meester doesn’t want to become addicted to the internet.

The 28-year-old actress had her big break with Gossip Girl, a TV series about a group of privileged high-school students. Rumours and pictures were constantly shared via social media on the show, but Leighton is determined not to become too hooked on updating her status.

“I’ll occasionally upload a picture but I try not to be online all the time,” she explained to German magazine Joy.

“Many people take it too far and hardly ever put their phones down!”

When she does spend some time surfing the web, Leighton likes to follow foodie blogs. Looking up recipes gives her ideas for making tasty treats, which likely goes down well with hubby Adam Brody.

“Just last week I made banana bread because I had to get rid of some old bananas,” she smiled.

Leighton and her Gossip Girl co-star Blake Lively became famous for their amazing wardrobes on the show. Off screen they continue to be lauded as style icons, but Leighton also looks up to beautiful women.

“My absolute idol is Kate Winslet,” she gushed.

“I often meet people who panic about having wrinkles, scars or skin pigmentation. I can’t understand that. It’s those little imperfections that show you live your life. Of course everyone should look after themselves and try to look their best, as it builds self-confidence. But if you become obsessed with your reflection, you don’t see the whole picture and everything that’s happening around you.”
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Friday, 05. December 2014